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Online Marketing Article Roundup - October 2014

October 28, 2014
Our pick of the web's best Online Marketing articles from September/October 2014. Save yourself valuable time sorting through low quality articles - read the good stuff here...
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Your Secure Certificate may not actually be very secure

October 24, 2014
For several years, SHA-1 secure certificates have been considered somewhat insecure, resulting in a recommendation to phase them out by leading industry players such as Google and Microsoft. This is happening quicker than anticipated, but fortunately Apex have planned ahead and can assure our clients that their websites are already protected by a more secure and accepted form of SSL certificate.

West Coast Cocoa Party!

September 15, 2014
Join the Apex team as we enjoy some hot chocolate, compliments of West Coast Cocoa! Learn more about their amazing products and newly launched website in today's blog post.

Wildcard '*' versus Exact Match '@' DNS records

March 20, 2014
Ever wondered what the difference was between the ‘@’ symbol and the ‘*’ symbol when setting up a DNS Zone file for a domain name. In the past I have seen them used interchangeably with sometimes unexpected results. The difference is...

New gTLDs Are Coming: Get Ready!

February 5, 2014
Big changes are coming in the domain name space with the addition of thousands of new gTLDs in the coming years. The process has already started, so don't wait until it's too late to grab one of these new domain names for your business! Here's what you need to know now.

Never Miss an Important Email Again! A Tutorial on Configuring Your Safe Senders List.

January 20, 2014
Are you missing out on receiving emails from particular senders? You may not have the sender added to your 'safe list'. Here, we discuss how you can add a sender to your 'safe list' so you never miss an email from them again.
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Important Notice to Our Clients About a Change to the .NZ Domain Space

December 9, 2013
An important change is happening in the .nz domain space. This post gives you the info you'll need to make smart decisions about your web address in 2014.

How to Prepare for (and Pass!) Your AdWords Certification Exams

November 24, 2013
Looking at taking on your first AdWords exams but don't know where to start? In this post I share my experience and tips and tricks for studying and passing!

What the Facebook Giraffe Riddle Taught Me About Social Media

October 31, 2013
In the world of social media, some ideas take off faster than others. After succumbing to the trending giraffe riddle on Facebook, I started thinking about why some ideas are more successful than others and how we can apply these insights to our clients' campaigns.

How to Write a Google+ Review in 4 Easy Steps

October 31, 2013
When customers have something great to say about your company, they can leave their feedback in many places. We think the best place for reviews is on Google+ and this post explains why. We'll also show you how to leave a review so you can guide your customers if they have questions.
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