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How To Get Started With Your Mobile Website Strategy

June 27, 2012
As smart phones become increasingly ingrained in our day-to-day life, we are talking to an increasing number of business / website owners looking for help in making the most from their growing audience of mobile users. Some quick analysis of a...
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Goodbye Google Places - Hello Google Plus Local!

June 11, 2012
Last Wednesday Google announced the end of Google Places as we know it and the beginning of Google+ Local (which I keep saying Google Local Plus!) These recent changes put Google’s social platform Google+ even more up front and centre. There...
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5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

May 30, 2012
There’s no doubting that Facebook holds serious clout when it comes to social networking platforms (after all, 900 million members is no mean feat…). The platform offers an almost limitless source of potential customers, not to mention a great way to...

Google Adwords - You're Doing It Wrong

May 18, 2012
This is part 4 in a series of Google Adwords and how to get better results with your PPC campaigns. Let’s get straight into it. Why You Are Not Testing Ad Copy? If you make only one change to improve your...

19 Blog Post Ideas To Write About

Being seen as a blogging authority in your industry takes time and a steadfast focus on creating lots of extremely valuable content. For many this latter part starts out well, but then quickly becomes a daily/weekly or monthly struggle and unfortunately...

How To Waste Your Time & Money With Adwords

April 30, 2012
I’m not sure what it is? Is it the deeply ingrained 'kiwi ingenuity' in our psyche or the 'she'll be right mate' attitude? Maybe it is simply ignorance. Would you start trading on the foreign exchange markets without first learning...

AdWords Keywords Match Type Changes - Thanks, But No Thanks

April 27, 2012
Earlier this month Google announced an important change to the keyword matching rules for Phrase and Exact match types. Their official word on the change states that "Starting in mid-May, phrase and exact match keywords will match close variants, including misspellings,...

6 Standard Blog Features Your Blog Should Have

April 12, 2012
Recently I was looking at this particular website’s blog and I couldn’t help but notice that they were missing some standard blog features. One of the first things I noticed when viewing this site’s blog was that none of their posts...

3 More PPC Mistakes That Slaughter Your Google Adwords Campaign

March 30, 2012
"It's always helpful to learn from your mistakes because then your mistakes seem worthwhile." ~ Garry Marshall Alternatively, you can learn from others. Continuing from my previous post on common Google Adwords mistakes beginners often make - today you will learn...

Google Analytics Reveals New Social Media Reporting Tools

March 28, 2012
As a marketer one of the key reasons I prefer online marketing to traditional advertising mediums such as radio and print is because of the transparency and measurability it offers. However, since the advent of Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook...
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