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How to implement Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

August 22, 2011
In an earlier post I introduced just some of the ways you can try to improve your website's conversion rate and get more visitors to complete a desired action on your website such as submitting an enquiry, signing up for an...
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Preparing Your Website For The Mobile Web

July 27, 2011
According to Gartner (the world's leading information technology research and advisory company), by 2013 mobile devices will overtake desktop computers and laptops as the most common web access device worldwide. And while New Zealand’s smartphone uptake is slightly behind the rest...

Google Places Pages Get Fresh Look

July 26, 2011
Late last week Google unveiled the first of what are expected to be a number of upcoming changes to their Google Places pages. The biggest change we’ve seen is Google’s move away from displaying review snippets from 3rd party review websites,...

Video Calling Feature on Facebook Thanks to Skype

In a recent post I talked about the new Google Social Media platform Google+ in which you can participate in ‘Hangouts’, where users can face-to-face chat via the web. Well in early July of this year, Facebook announced that it had...

Googles New Design

The look and feel of Google is changing. Just last week we began to see new design elements across a few of the various Google Products such as Google Maps and the Search Results Pages. Why the change you may ask?...
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Keep your browser up to date

June 28, 2011
It seems that on a daily basis the news contains reports of someone being hacked, whether it is a large company or your friendly neighbour down the street. These days most people appear to be a lot more aware of spam...
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Google AdWords 101

If you haven’t heard of Google AdWords before (also known as PPC and Pay Per Click advertising), chances are you have seen it at work, but just haven’t realised it. When you last performed a search on Google, you may have...

Converting Visitors Into Customers - Simple Tips For Improving Your Website's Conversion Rate

May 10, 2011
As online marketing becomes increasingly mainstream in NZ it’s clear that any successful online marketing strategy needs to address a variety of factors, not just traffic generation. While it’s certainly important to see your daily/weekly/monthly visits graph trending upwards over time,...

Website Usability - How to make your website more usable

April 19, 2011
Website Usability is how accessible your website is for your visitors. There is no point having an attractive website if your visitors can’t navigate to your pages or understand your content. Before designing your website you should consider the following: Where...

Facebook Marketing and Why You Should Consider It

Everyone’s talking about it these days, just about everyone you talk to is using it for one reason or another – perhaps keeping in touch with their children overseas, keeping updated with what their friends are doing or using it for...
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