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How to Prepare for (and Pass!) Your AdWords Certification Exams

November 24, 2013
Looking at taking on your first AdWords exams but don't know where to start? In this post I share my experience and tips and tricks for studying and passing!

Attention Business Owners: Do You Monitor Online Review Sites & Social Communities?

December 13, 2012
This post is for all business owners with regards to the importance of monitoring online review sites and social media communities. Find out where you can find online New Zealand review sites and how to get reviews here.

Website Spring Cleaning: 13 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Site

October 31, 2012
Spring is here! It’s my favourite time of the year; the weather is getting better (or at least it's meant to be!), the days are growing longer, and there's a feeling of renewed optimism and enthusiasm that comes from knowing...

Google Adwords - You're Doing It Wrong

May 18, 2012
This is part 4 in a series of Google Adwords and how to get better results with your PPC campaigns. Let’s get straight into it. Why You Are Not Testing Ad Copy? If you make only one change to improve your...

How To Waste Your Time & Money With Adwords

April 30, 2012
I’m not sure what it is? Is it the deeply ingrained 'kiwi ingenuity' in our psyche or the 'she'll be right mate' attitude? Maybe it is simply ignorance. Would you start trading on the foreign exchange markets without first learning...

3 More PPC Mistakes That Slaughter Your Google Adwords Campaign

March 30, 2012
"It's always helpful to learn from your mistakes because then your mistakes seem worthwhile." ~ Garry Marshall Alternatively, you can learn from others. Continuing from my previous post on common Google Adwords mistakes beginners often make - today you will learn...

Don't Make These 3 Beginner Mistakes With Adwords

March 1, 2012
How well is your Google Adwords campaign running? Good? Bad? Could be better? Absolutely no idea? When learning a new discipline, it is not uncommon to make mistakes starting out. However, if you are new to Google AdWords and running...

Do you need a mobile strategy for your website?

February 29, 2012
New Zealanders’ adoption of smartphone technology continues to gather pace, with smartphones now making up somewhere in the region of 30% of all handsets in use in NZ1. What’s more, with NZ’s mobile providers now offering more realistic pricing options for...

Online Marketing For 2012

January 30, 2012
Last year was an exciting year in the online marketing industry - Google certainly kept search marketers busy with multiple of major algorithm changes. With January over already, now is an excellent time to reassess and realign your online goals....

Using Content Marketing to Communicate Without Selling

January 30, 2012
It's no secret that over recent years consumers have grown increasingly immune to traditional advertising methods. The advent of MySky has meant many New Zealanders are no longer forced to watch TV commercials, meanwhile magazine and newspaper readers have long ago...
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