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Content management made easy with Orbit CMS

All of our clients’ websites are built using Orbit Content Management System – our hand-crafted Search Engine focused Content Management System designed to make it easy for you to keep your website up to date, while also meeting the technical recommendations and guidelines of the major Search Engines.

Built from the ground up to be one of the most Search Engine focused Content Management Systems available, Orbit CMS helps ensure your website is ready and able to perform well in Search Engines. Of course, there’s more to achieving strong online visibility than just using a Search Engine friendly CMS, but our results tell us that Orbit CMS is certainly a great place to start.

Benefits of Orbit CMS

  • You don't need any technical knowledge to manage your web content - if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use Orbit CMS.
  • It’s built using industry standard open source PHP scripting language and it’s stable, robust and secure.
  • No design constraints - whatever the design, we integrate it into Orbit
  • It's modular and flexible, meaning you only pay for the functionality you need. Modules can be added as required and if we don't have a module that suits, we'll modify one to suit or create one from scratch.
  • It's a complete web-based website solution - there's no need for any additional software, just an Internet connection and a browser.
  • FREE lifetime upgrades - Orbit CMS is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). We manage the IT infrastructure, provide FREE on-going software upgrades, and offer a variety of support options. Your subscription means you benefit from all of the new features and functionality that we regularly develop. There is no need to pay for or install new versions of the software – we do it all for you; all you need to manage is the website content.

Take full control of your website

Orbit CMS gives you the ability to upload fresh content, post blog entries, and add photos and video content to your website from wherever you are, and without needing any website design skills or software.

  • Add new pages and subpages with ease
  • Edit text content using a simple ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ (WYSIWYG) content editor interface
  • Add multiple elements on a page - text, images and documents/file downloads
  • Have full control over user management – set up admin users as well as the master administrator, assign different permissions to administration groups and maintain full control

Orbit's Search Engine focused features

  • Customisable and unique page titles and meta tags per page
  • Search Engine friendly URLs for all pages, including the ability to write Search Engine friendly URL's for category and product pages and rewrite existing URLs to preserve the Internet footprint of existing websites being transferred to Orbit.
  • Use of absolute URLs for all internal links to prevent potential duplicate content and canonicalisation issues.
  • Auto-generation of onsite HTML sitemap and XML sitemaps to aid site search engine indexing.
  • Unique Robots tag for each page to allow you to prevent Search Engine crawlers from indexing certain pages or sections of your site.
  • Output of W3C compliant and validated code to aid search engine visibility and ensure cross-browser consistency.

To find out more about using Orbit CMS for your website, contact us to discuss your requirements or to arrange a demonstration.

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